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The Top 5 Spiciest Indian Dishes

Spicy dishes have risen in interest over 4% since 2017. No matter how much we blow, pant and sweat, we still find ourselves digging in for more.

In face, eating spicy food regularly may reduce your risk of death from cancer by 14% according to NCBI – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5598338/

#1 Pork Vindaloo

Vindaloo originates from Goa, India. Its heavy use of vinegar and the traditional meat of pork are due to the Portuguese influence on the area.

There are many variations of the vindaloo recipe. Some serve this dish with chicken or lamb mixed with potatoes. However, traditional vindaloos do not include potatoes although the word aloo stands for ‘potato’ in Hindi. In Goa, the authentic vindaloo is a dry sauce-based dish using pork fat, garlic, vinegar, jaggery and Kashmiri chilli. Vindaloo always tastes better the next day as the meat gets properly marinated.

#2 Phaal Curry

Phaal is an Indian curry dish which originated in Indian restaurants in Birmingham, UK, and is not to be confused with the char-grilled, gravy-less, finger food phall from Bangalore. It is one of the hottest forms of curry regularly available, even hotter than the vindaloo, using a large number of ground standard chilli peppers, or a hotter type of chilli such as scotch bonnet or habanero. Typically, the dish is a tomato-based thick curry and includes ginger and optionally fennel seeds.

#3 Laal Maas

The name sounds deadly to begin with, doesn’t it? In Rajasthan, a place dominated by vegetarian cuisine, the only non-vegetarian dish to really stand out is laal maas (red meat). If you are a non-vegetarian and wish to test your taste buds, this red hot preparation is a must-try! It is a thick/semi gravy mutton curry prepared in a sauce of curd and hot spices such as red chillies. The deep red colour and the spicy character come from a special chilli called the Mathania red chilli that comes from Mathania in Jodhpur.

#4 Chicken Chettinad

Chettinad cuisine from Tamil Nadu is one of the spiciest and most aromatic in India. Chettinad cuisine is famous for its use of a variety of spices used in preparing mainly non-vegetarian food. The dishes are hot and pungent with fresh ground masalas, and topped with a boiled egg that is usually considered an essential part of a meal. They also use a variety of sun dried meats and salted vegetables, reflecting the dry environment of the region. The meat is restricted to fish, prawn, lobster, crab, chicken and lamb.

#5 Rista

Rich in taste and aroma, Rista is a fiery lamb meatball curry prepared in red chilly powder and other spices in a very special manner. The meat for this dish is hand-pounded with huge wooden hammers on a large flat solid wood base. The flavour of fennel seeds makes it unique from other similar looking red curries. This delicious culinary delight is best enjoyed with butter naan and cumin rice.

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